Forno Bravo

14 Jul Forno Bravo

I love it when restaurants prove me wrong. This is a happy ending story of my most recent visit to Forno Bravo.

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Naturalia – Taking care of yoursef never tasted so good

18 May Naturalia

I know it has been a while, this year has been a little bit hectic but I will be coming back to regular posting.Thanks to all of you who keep coming back and reading my posts

Now, I must say that I’m very proud of myself for achieving my 2014 new year’s resolution, by starting to  work out (…don’t judge me, I didn’t give myself a deadline!)… We’ve all been there, we promise ourselves we’ll get fit or eat healthier, but most of us don’t follow through.

A couple of weeks ago I randomly came across Naturalia, which is not a restaurant. They provide services to promote health by eating a healthy balanced meal, cooked fresh every day and delivered to your door. Click here to know a bit more about Naturalia and their Founders.

I honestly do not enjoy cooking at all so it seemed like the perfect solution for all of us who don’t have the time to cook a healthy meal every day. You have the option of purchasing weekly or daily half or full menus or even as a gift card, to give the much needed nudge your friends or family and put them on the right track. They even have a nutritionist evaluate you if you choose to !

I mean take a look at how beautiful these dishes look!


NAturalia  Naturalia

Here’s my experience on a half day plan:

In the morning, they will be delivering a box just like this one where it contains your meal and snacks for the day,with instructions on when and how it should be eaten (hot or cold), along with its nutritional values.

Naturalia half day plan box      Naturalia

They are every eco-friendly, so please feel free to return the box as well as any glass containers

As a mid-morning snack I got the Mango and Pineapple parfait.  Although I’m not a big fan of pineapple it was pretty good. The mango was not totally ripe,so  it gave it a a touch of acidity and combined with the pineapple ‘s sweetness ,was perfect.

Naturalia-Pineapple and Mango Parfait Naturalia-Pineapple and Mango Parfait

Healthy snacking will help you keep the munchies under control until  lunch. So far so good and already looking forward to lunch !

Lentil stew and fresh salmon with passion fruit sauce along with grilled veggies was my meal. My favorite were the lentils and the Salmon. The salmon could be eaten with no sauce, it was really fresh.



grilled veggies, fresh salmon with passion fruit sauce

Although they recommended eating everything cold; I was a bit of a rebel and went ahead and heated the lentils as well as the veggies. I personally need something hot when eating lunch or else I feel like something is missing.

Everything is cooked low on salt and fat  , so try to refrain you from adding any of these or else it takes away from purpose, but let me assure you all the ingredients balance the flavors .

Last but not least I had papaya as an afternoon snack and I was actually surprised i wasn’t actually hungry :O


This will be the menu you receive with every box, with the details of calories,fat and just about every component in your meal.

I would recommend giving it a shot. You still have about 5 months to follow through on your new year’s resolution. As you can see by my meals, eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing tasty good looking food and this will actually cost you just about the same or less than take out, without the guilty feeling afterwards.

Dominican Potluck

23 Sep Dominican Food

It´s no myth that Latino families are loud,large and love to cook, my family is no exception… In my case I just love to eat.

It was my grandmother’s 90th birthday so I think that’s reason enough to celebrate! On occasions like these and special holidays like Christmas it´s traditional to get together and and eat a delicious meal prepared by my mom,aunts and uncle(yes just 1 of them cooks).Everyone has a signature dish so it´s pretty simple when it comes to figuring out who is bringing what.

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